Thursday, December 27, 2012

Star Bank [Star Capital Finance LTD] 1 month review

How much did I invest in Star Bank you ask?... well minimum is $1,000. I did $1,050 in case of bank wire fees and such. When I finally wired my money it took about 24 hrs for them to set it up and give me access to my account. Low and behold, I saw the full $1,050 in my account. The next day  [Star Capital Finance LTD] started trading and making my money work for me.

It has officially been a month since I first started. Starting date was Nov 26 today is just Dec 27. I would say  that's a month already and have earned $64.77. I'm good with that :) Really what kind of [bank] can offer interest rates at 5.11% to 10.49% interest rate per month? This is what [savings accounts] should be offering instead of 0.01% interest. [Star Capital Finance LTD] has a unique risk management system (3% maximum loss) and a 97% capital guarantee certificate from client's end balance issued by Star Bank


  1. I'm good with that :) Really Asset Liability Management what kind of [bank] can offer.

  2. Well that's a good news for you. I hope you can set some of your income in your savings because it will really help you a lot. Thanks for this one.

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  3. I deposit my money, after 2 month i was trying to withdrawal it. ( when i do a small amounts, it went through ) but when i was trying to get all my money back. i didn't see my money again. they deduct my money from the account, but i never see my money again.

    Don't be greedy & save your money in such a fake bank.

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